Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I started a blog for the mission that I was on earlier this summer, but have had requests to keep going...so here goes

It's been about 3 weeks now since I got back from a mamouth journey accross eastern europe with 24-7 prayer. I saw a lot of countries, saw God do some cool stuff, met some awesome people and as well as some bizarre people, ate some wierd food and managed to keep the team more or less together during the mission. By the end I was tired but could have gone on from there for quite some time, but a job and a life back in england was beckoning so I got on the plane home. It would be quite exciting though just to drop everything and go...I would like to do it at least once in my life, one day...Anyway as that day hasn't come yet i went and got back into the swing of being a musician, an uncle, a consultant and a church goer.

So any memorable moments from the past few weeks?

1) playing one last gig with my band before our 2 month break, it was a great evening and had random conversation with chinese guy wanting to use our music in TV shows in the far east...

2) met up with some of the guys from the mission, had some indian food, went round london, discussed the random american we met in prague who was obsessed with a wierd christian doctrine, drank some pivo (beer), had many laughs and went to a wicked church in marylebone. I also booked a flight to Texas for this October to visit Jay and Jeff from the trip.

3) finally got copies of my band's new album, i was thrilled when my 3 year old neice told me she liked it.

4) one of my best mates got married in London, was an awesome wedding and generallly a great day. I also watched him get annhialiated with paintballs on his stag day...very funny.

5) Got involved in writing a worship song with some friends and recorded it, realised that it's very difficult to write christian music that didn't sound christian.

Plans for this week? Nothing that exciting so far....perhaps i should quit my job, jump on a plane and go somewhere.....

The second you decide to drop everything and go let me know.
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