Saturday, August 27, 2005

So what has happened since the last blog? Nothing hugely random and crazy as yet, but hopefully that will change tonight as there's a bit of a party happening here in a couple of hours. A guy from my cell is leaving for Bristol so we're throwing him a party. Well I didn't realise it'd be a party, I thought it would be a few people round for a pivo, but my cell co leader has invited most of the church to my not so big house in Bracknell, so it looks like it's going to be that way now. Parties are interesting things, some go really well, some go flat very quickly and others go completely crazy, it would be funny to see lots of church folk go crazy but the carpet has just been cleaned.......hmmmm i feel old.

So the fact that I'm still here means I haven't chucked in everything and left as i threatened to in my last post, I've thought about it some more and realised that chucking in everything and leaving would actually take several months to execute. I reckon as time goes on it will get harder to do this, but hey. It's wierd a lot of my friends are starting to put roots down, buy houses, get into management jobs and generally become suburbanised. The thought that I might never leave this place does kinda freak me out a bit, it gives me impetus to do something about it! When I was in Prague I met a guy who had built a successful furniture business after finishing university in england, yet felt he wasn't being challenged so shut up shop and moved to Prague, is living off his savings and will soon be living off faith. As he was telling me this part of me was thinking "my gosh he had it made, nice cars, lots of money was he out of his mind?", but as he went on i realised that he had gained so much more and that I was in a lot of comfort zones. I couldn't help but be inspiried and challenged.

well i need to go throw a party,



Your house isn't THAT small. I think it would be a pretty good place for a party.

Maybe we should have a pre new years party at your house, and then move the festivities to Prague.

Hmm... that's an idea!
Well Jay if you are up for it that can be arranged....
That's a great idea.
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