Saturday, September 03, 2005

a brief sum up of the past 24 hours:

Dave Griff the lead singer of my band got married today. It has been a bit of a crazy day. It started last night when the PA van didn't turn up at church for setup and practice til 1030, so the sound check and practice didn't happen, not a good start. Next I stayed on the floor of Matt's (the guitarist from my band) house, unfortunately this morning when I woke up I had pulled a muscle in my back again during the night which was rather uncomfortable (i did it last week as well so it was a bit week already), then I sneezed a few mins later which then managed to make it click again leaving me in quite a bit of pain. So after praying, limping and getting grumpy I made it to church to set up, rather embaressingly i had to get someone to reverse my car as i couldn't physically turn my body to see where i was reversing....doh. After that it did get better. I was playing with a band called Brother John (who are an awesome band), everything clicked into place musically (and nothing more clicked out of place physically) and God was certainly in the place, it was an amazing sight to see the majority of 400 people going for it in worship. The wedding was great, bosh got on stage and played some songs later on, we all had a laugh and I finally made it home, back getting better. I also realised that I'd like to move back to this space.

anyway its 1AM and i'm tired, time to stop methinks.....

Rock on Bosh! Jay brought back your CD...good stuff man.
Dude face it - we are all getting old :) - i'd blame Matt for making you sleep on a floor while he had the bed - youngsters today eh!
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