Thursday, September 01, 2005

A quick catch up on the week that's almost over. The party that my friend invited half the church to only got 8 people, which kinda sucked in the fact that everyone was either busy or didn't want to come, but was nice as it meant we all could just chill out and relax. Work has been alright this week, I was amused to get described as having a jynx by my peers, as every bit of hardware I work on seems to go wrong when i'm working on it, no joke. This week I also made my way to bournemouth for a curry with fellow musicians from nth degree (the music organisation/collective that I am part of) as the lead singer from my band is getting married this weekend. We had some good conversations about music, about ideas on the current congregational model of church which became quite deep and thought provoking, it has stirred up some stuff that's been on my mind for a while now. For example when the recent mission was in Prague we began witnessing in the middle of a bar, and as the evening went on we began to think "why couldn't we do church here, and take church into the culture rather than expect people to adapt to our slightly cheezy contemporary christian culture to fit in to hear the gospel?" This is touching on the whole debate about the emerging church, I must admit I don't know an awful lot about this but will be researching this a bit more to try and find some clarity in my viewpoint, especially as 24-7 has been described as 'emerging church' this space.

So still I haven't stopped everything and moved to azerbaijan as threatened in post 1 of this blog, however it's now under 1 month til I go to texas to hang out with jay and jeff from my earlier mission to eastern europe. I'm really looking forward to the experience, including dare i say it the attention that being in the deep south with a british accent might draw....on the flip side it will take about 5 mins each time I introduce myself as people from the US generally don't immediately understand the correct english pronounciation of my name. doh! It would be much easier if called myself Bob.

So this weekend I am going down to bournemouth, playing piano at the wedding, enjoying the beach, and sleeping as much as i can afterwards, so until next time....


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