Friday, September 16, 2005

A random day:

At work we had a 'company day' today, I'm usually not a fan of these things. It started off with champagne (always a good start) and being told i'm getting a bonus (an even better start). Then it went downhill, the drinking began, and well didn't really stop. Several dissaperances of staff occured during the day, one guy made it to 1pm then puked, collapsed, tried to write software whilst drunk and eventually found his way to a floor to pass out. Interlaced with drinking were team building exercises, I have no idea why people think these are good ideas, I reckon only about 6 people in the world actually enjoy these things and find them fun....perhaps i'm too cynical. So after participating in a ping pong ball fight over dinner and watching my company drink themsleves silly I made my way to London to the city of london boiler room where Simon from this summer's mission was, to randomly meet some of Jay's friends from college station TX. I love prayer rooms, it's where you cut through all the crap and it's just you and God, i've been reading red moon rising this week which is the story of 24-7, and am nothing less than inspired and have definately caught something of the 24-7 vision. Who knows what craziness this will lead to?


Rockin' party man...I guess you weren't one of the pukees.

I read Red Moon Rising before our trip...just b/c I thought it would be fitting. Very passionate book, I really enjoyed.
nope i was on the orange juice.
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Wow... that is a random day. I can't believe a guy at your office was already drunk by 1 pm.
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