Sunday, September 11, 2005

This weekend was good, i spent most of it with south africans, i even ate billtong. kif. I also went to a cracker of a prayer meeting with my church and the south african church in reading, got very much stirred up by God. The guys I was with were telling me about their leaf situation, yes yes very big issue. Basically their neighbour is chucking leaves over her fence into their garden (as apparently they poisin the dogs...yeah right what a load of rubbish) instead of putting them into bins as normal people do and irritating Wendy and Gail. So for most of the weekend G, W and I have been hatching plans to get back at the neighbours. Our ideas so far are

1) properly cake their house and garden with leaves
2) do the same but with mud
3) cover the cars and conseveatory with breadcrumbs to attract birds which will poo everywhere
4) buy several fluffy replicas of the dogs in question and hang them from nooses on the tree overhanging the house to wind up the leave throwers...

admittedly these are pretty tame ideas, we were't in that much of a creative mood. the people in question are snooty retirees, so i'm throwing out a challenge to whoever's reading this to come up with any funny ideas on revenge and let me know...not that as a christian i'd advocate that... no not at all

I'm still trying to figure out this Kif thing.

Maybe I should just start saying it to people here.

I bet I would get some really funny looks.
It must be some goofy English saying that doesn't really mean anything...America!
it's actually south african, hence the association with south africas in the blog. you probably would have heard me and steve using it quite a bit on the mission
Why dont you just burn down their house?

Bru... get an industrial glue spraying pack and blow the leves over whilst coating them in glue - will make a huge sticky mess and is very hard to pin on you (unless they see you doing it in which case you are screwed! :) )

ahh sp! "Leaves" ......... - my bad!
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