Friday, September 09, 2005

Well another week has passed since the last post. My back has recovered more or less but i'm trying to make sure I don't do anything to upset it again. It was very embaressing last night having to turn down helping someone dig up his garden due to back problems, I felt like an old man. This week I worked at Gatwick Airport for a customer at work, I had analysis meetings for 10 hours one day and 9 hours the next, I got so bored I began to nod off as I stared at the planes taking off outside wishing that I was on one of them, only to be rudely awoken by my manager asking me if i'd noted that particular point down. I began perfecting the art of looking like i'm working but staring into space, it's quite a hard thing to do, i'm sure i'll have more opportunities to do it whilst i work in IT On wednesday I finally made it to my cell group which makes a change, it was a really good time, we prayed, got to know the new people and spent the evening talking about God. What I liked about it is that it was organic, it felt natrual and God's presence was there. My friend Jay's recent post said " The church isn't something you plan, it just happens when people who are united through Christ come together" which i'm sure maybe a bit contreversial but i quite agree with him. i've found myelf getting on the church topic again, hmmm.

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