Tuesday, October 04, 2005

days 2+3 in Dallas...

Well I thought i better update the past couple of days: Well In the past couple of days i've done some shopping to take advantage of cheap US prices, brought several CD's, brought a load of clothes etc. We also went to an expensive steak house with one of Jeff's friends and had the most amazing steak i've ever had. I was going to bungee jump tonight but unfortunately it was closed...doh. Tomorrow me and Jay are going down to college station for a bit, for logistical reasons i'm having to drive Jeff's truck there as he's meeting us after flying into Austin on friday night after his 3 day busienss trip in el paso. I'm slightly worried as we're not completely sure i'm ok insurance and legally wise to drive the truck on an english licence, so we're praying i don't get pulled over by the police and get in trouble, the car insurance company were a bit vague about everything. Seriously I'm sure i'll be ok, it will be fun driving a 5.7 litre engine as I come from a country where a 2 litre engine is considered big. So the next couple of days i'm in college station which is a student city, then going to Austin on friday night, then flying home, this trip is going way too quick. Already i'm planning my next trip, possibly prague for new years with some of the guy from here in Dallas.

Anyway it's late and we're expecting to get a take out pizza to arrive soon.


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