Thursday, October 06, 2005

Very random stuff happened last night. I went to a bible study run by the IHOP here in College station, and got prayed for by some of the guys. What was crazy is that people who had never met me before started telling me stuff about me and my gifts, callings etc that was 100% spot on and confirmed a lot of stuff that God's been doing in me lately, i went away very encouraged. I've just stumbled out of bed, just been handed a coffee, i'm also eating cereal out of a huge cooking dish and a teaspoon as there wasn't any clean stuff left, such a student thing but feels strangely normal. talking of strange things on the wall of the kitchen is a bit of toilet paper with some writing and a verse, one of the guys here prophesied whilst asleep over on the guys he was sharing the room, another guy who was awake heard it and wrote it down on toilet paper as that was the nearest thing to hand...very random.

more to come later....

Ahh the familiarites of Jay's apartment.
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