Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Well I made it to College station in one peice. For part of the journey this morning I drove a truck with out of date licence plates, the owner somewhere in new mexico, no insurance documentation in the dashboard and little clue whether driving a private vehicle with a british driving licence was illegal and covered by insurance as the insurance support person we spoke to had probably never had a request for a englishman to drive a truck in texas and was somewhat flummoxed. So after praying my way through the journey, surviving a minor heart attack when a traffic cop told me off for parking illegally at starbucks (ie I was expecting to produce drivers licence, insurance stuff etc) we finally ended up here. It's pretty hot, probably somewhere near 100 degrees (38 celcius), lots of students around and i'm sitting in student hang out come coffee shop drinking some very good coffee at the moment. Now i'm deep into middle america i feel farther away from home which strangely to me is a good thing, i made the stupid mistake yesterday of opening a work related email which unfortunately was a stroppy email by the HR manager about me missing a work course, which at the time suddenly propelled me back into the pressures of my job and stressed me out a bit, so if there's one thing i've learnt, don't touch any work email account whilst on holiday! Still the experience of driving to college station this morning took my mind off it. I think one thing that i've got out from my trip so far is to for the most part i haven't beeen a traditional to tourist, to be in random situations rather than wandering round some dusty museum or going on an open bus tour of the city's historic features and going back to a spotless hotel for an a la carte dinner. I'm beginning to discover that there's something a lot more real and exciting by being (sometimes accidently) in situations where everyhting doesn't fit into place and there is a healthy measure of unpredictablity in the mix.

anyway for some reason this has taken ages to write so i'll stop here, i'll blog more tomorrow probably, hope everyones doing well,


hahaha...that was a great description of the driving experience.
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