Sunday, October 09, 2005

Well I'm writing from my parents house in Wokingham, I arrived about 6-7 hours ago and haven't really slept for about 26 hours. Since the last post I did a night out on the town college station style with a load of Jay's friends which went on way into the morning, then friday afternoon I woke up and drove to Austin with jay and one of his friends in Jeff's truck (the one that i had driven psuedo legally), met up with jeff who had flown in from el paso, and did a night out on the town Austin TX style. Austin is definately a lot different to the rest of Texas that i've seen, it's a cool place. So the saturday Jeff got pulled over by the cops for 'apparently' not inidicating whilst changing lanes, he also got a ticking off for having out of date licence plates, what was wierd was the cop seemed a lot more interested to find out whether Jeff was a student on the way to see Texas play in the college football finals, after getting a warning we saw about 7-8 cops in as many minutes pulling people over....So after experiencing the joys of US traffic cops we went back to dallas, and i reluctantly got on flight AA50 armed with a ton of CD's and the experiences of a random week including shooting guns, flaming yeager bombs, taco bell, and thursday night in college station!

until next time, which is going to be a trip to Prague for new years....

I finally put on my licence plates. Now come and get me copper!
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