Saturday, October 01, 2005

well I've arrived. Had a ridiculously early start this morning followed by a dull 10 hour flight next to a guy who refused to make any sort of conversation, my bags got searched both ends at customs whilst I observed slightly dazed and generally have been walking around like a zombie, but am happy to be back in the US. Jeff pitched up the Dallas aiport in his 5.7 litre truck playing the theme tune to team america full volume....heck yeah, if you've seen that movie you'll know what i mean. So far this afternoon i've sampled the delights of taco bell and american beer, i guess i'll be sampling some more tonight before i eventually get tired and fall asleep. So far I know this trip i'm going to a baseball game, going to college station for a couple of days, going to austin which apparently is a crazy city. It's wierd as soon as i got off the plane i became immediately aware that i stand out being an englishman, people give me strange looks when i say 'cheers mate', but i'm sure i'll get used to it.

Anyway there's more to come and hopefully some photos, i'm going to go back to watching college football on jeff's 62 inch tv, yes 62 inches...


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