Friday, October 28, 2005

well this is a wierd post. I'm writing from a pub in dublin airport. I've been on a business trip this week getting a big customer get their customer service computer system running. When I was younger I always used to see business people at the airport in suits with their laptops sitting, eating and drinking on their own andsaying to myself that i'd never become one of them, and yet here I am. I still feel very out of place walking around in a suit and tie and my laptop and staying in business hotels and eating in respectable restaurants and being 'professional'...very wierd. One thing cracked me up no end today was I saw in big letters 'TPS' in a diagram of the wall of someone's desk which undoubtedly indicated that the customer actually has TPS reports, it took me right back to the film 'office space', with PC loadletter and 'What's happening...." and those wonderful TPS reports. (note if you haven't seen that film..go watch it now, and you'll understand this post a lot better!), it's kinda a running joke between some of my friends and I. Perhaps i'm easily entertained, but i couldn't take what the guy was saying serious after that, definately made the last few hours of work much better.

Well it's been a long week, haven't really done much, although i managed to escape to temple bar in dublin last night which was pretty cool.

anyway i better stop here before i miss my flight back to london and inadvertently spend a weekend in ireland, which wouldn't be a bad thing but...nevermind..


TPS Reports...that's so unbelievably ridiculous.

Yeeeaaahhh, um...I'm gonna need you to come in on Sunday.
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