Saturday, November 19, 2005

quick update from the past couple of weeks

Played piano at a big conference in Reading (about 1 hour west of London). Had a lot of fun playing with full band, electric guitars, big PA system etc. we had a few mishaps on the way, including my keyboard spectacularly dying during the soundcheck. On the friday night I watched in astonishment from the stage as someone in the meeting that was being prayed for stood up out of her wheelchair, no joke, no dodgy televangelist stirring up hype or staging a healing, this was the real thing. if you have any questions about this sort of thing or God or anything like that email me at

Today I'm off to Bournemouth for Steve Hancock's (a friend from university, also was on the mission trip with him) party. I am taking a spare load of clothes as the last party he had ended up with water fights (yes in november) people throwing cornflakes and cream everywhere....i don't think it'll be that bad this time but i'm not taking any chances. I'm also in a sad way quite excited about going to the sheeshka/hookah bar as well....

I haven't posted anything deep and meaningful for a while just updates on how my life is going, perhaps living like a student for a weekend might stir some creativity and i'll start writing some deep and meaningful stuff about church again....

hope everyone who's reading this is well


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