Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Things that have inspired me lately:

1 All the stuff that went on the other weekend at the conferences run by my church and thameside church
2 24-7 prayer
3 the book 'red moon rising by Pete Greig
4 music by Sigur Rós

5 Christians who put everything on the line and live by faith to pursue their dreams... I've heard a number of stories recently about people who literally put everything they had on the line to pursue what they felt God was calling them to do, and seeing God miraculously provide and look after them. When I hear stuff like that I'm very challenged, as these people are putting their money (or lack of it) where their faith is and trusting God for absolutely everything, and see him come through. It really makes me think is it God that i'm putting my trust in, or is it my job, my bank balance or the way of life that I have here in southern England? The frightening question that comes into my mind is how do i begin to trust god more in my life? When I've been on missions in the past I got caught situations where i was so out of depth it was ridiculous and I had to pray my way through....a time where I got lost in pre tourist destination era Bulgaria with little money no phone no language skills and no address, springs to mind. The crazy thing was I look back on that trip and remember feeling the most alive that I ever had been before then, and came back a changed man. Living sold out for Jesus is hard and costly and scary, but adventures are never safe are they??

if any of this doesn't make sense, or if you have any questions about the whole jesus, god christianity then please send me a mail on

It's wierd this post ended completely differently to what i was intending!

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